Sunday, May 3, 2020

To Open Or Not To Open

As air temperatures began to boil
And job losses from shut downs continue to take their toil
Tempers of those jobless and out of work with no money to put food on the table
Are becoming frustrated with the stay at home social distances that seems like a fable
The solemn proclamations of the elite that we’re all in this together
While the MSM is still working and millions of jobless are chained to a stay at home tether
Knowing that so many of the Blues and MSB with TDs Stage 4 infected
Are trying so hard to hide their glee of an economy shattered so Trump may not be reelected
With each week millions more looking for unemployment checks not yet to be received
Out of work, out of money, realization their dreams for themselves and kids may not be achieved
Deaths in the flu season which will end in May
Are about equal in the same numbers each would slay
But despite hundreds of thousands with flu into hospital beds
We didn’t lock-down close schools and force employers to their workers shed
With baby steps and looks over our shoulders with fear
We are opening up and praying another surge of deaths will not appear
At least now Cuomo must have learned nursing homes must be protected
Their elderly residents will die like flies alone if they become infected
In this fight it would be far better
If partisan TDS charges they would try to fetter
© May 3, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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