Thursday, May 7, 2020

Released Transcripts On Flynn Show No Collusion

It has taken far too long and Flynn has been put through a living Hell
Justice has finally come into play and DOJ persecution of Flynn it will no longer dwell
Lying Schiff’s attempt to prevent the DOJ and FBI transcripts from seeing the light of day
Ended with their release and the corruption of the FBI to without any doubt to  display
It doesn’t take a lawyer with a Harvard or Yale educated mind to see against Flynn
No evidence of collusion with the Russians or any chance with their conduct the DOJ would win
Yet in a feeble attempt for Schiff to cover his distortions and lies
He lashed out at Barr for his “attempt” to the DOJ and FBI politicize
Fortunately for Schiff when he moves his lips it’s usually a lie so he is easy to ignore
Wonder if tonight Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Rosenstein are hearing the clang of a closing jailhouse door
True to form Nadler who is in a neck and neck race to show the most biased lies
Wants independent counsel to investigate DOJ’s further Flynn prosecution deny
True to form, Harris vying for a VP slot charges Barr with being a flunky for Trump
Hoping we won’t believe that her credentials as a prosecutor have long since been relegated to the dump
Total shame that a patriot who gave most of his life to this nation
Was ruined financially while his illegal accusers, like Comey et al, have not yet faced judicial damnation
When the British under Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown
The British band led the surrendering troops playing “The World Turned Upside Down”
In the fight against the pandemic we seem to be led by overreaching clowns.
Workers wanting to go back to work have been jailed while felons to escape the virus have been unbound
America has been hit by a wave of shutdowns and now 30M plus jobless are now out of work
Worse many ordered to stay in their homes to go stir crazy and verge of going berserk
Can go to a liquor store deemed “essential” but not to services in a church
Sate your need for booze but your spiritual thirst is left in a lurch
Beaches closed or if open you can only walk or jog but woe to you if you stop
Ignore the fact that from your jogging or walking sweat laced with the virus will drop
Inaccurate models of morbidity that change each week
Push leaders to more shut downs and restrictions to seek
As with economy quickly withering to die on the vine
How much longer away from our jobs can we be confined
Civil liberties on the way to becoming a forgotten right of the past
Create an army of neighbor snitches to on lock down breakers chast
Job revenue cannot be replaced by more and more federal stimuli
If we don’t soon reopen surely our once robust economy will die
Taking along with it domestic and substance abuse, divorce, and suicide
We cannot wait until a vaccine or cure is found in order to rules of shut downs continue to abide
Time to protect the elderly in nursing homes a task that Cuomo did not do well
Wash hands, wear a mask, and social distance knowing a virus infection for the healthy young is a hard sell
Americans need to be able to make a choice whether to remain inside
Or start living again and working even though a risk some more of us will have died
© May 7, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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