Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Two Nations One Working One Not

Otto Kerner in the Kerner Report said there were two nations one black and one white
Sadly as we enter our great pandemic after all these years he is still right
Today there are still two nations but color is no longer the only dividing line
One nation is out of work and can’t go back and is in homes and confined
30 million plus Americans out of work and the number growing each day
Ordered from their workplace to stay away
Under great stress and worry as many have yet to receive unemployment pay
Whether it is the fact that the system flooded by millions has crashed
Or in some states like California the governor is more concerned with getting illegals cash
This nation growing each day is in a world of hurt that will increase
More suicides, domestic abuse, substance abuse and crime will from pent up frustrations be released
The other nation still has residents with jobs
Though stressed and concerned for neighbors their American Dreams not yet robbed
The leaders of this nation are fewer in number and with income are sitting quite pretty
Still being paid even as some are not working they deserve only disgust not pity
The elite are our  politicians usually well off at home not working but getting paid
Add to the list the MSM journalists at home and drawing a paycheck and stay at home both  can evade
With stay at home lectures that ring do as I say not as I do
Examples of Cuomo, Di Blasio and Rouda show that stay at home not for me only for you
Our vibrant economy is unless reopened going to go down deep in the tank
And for that we can only the deception and lies of China thank
All life entails risk even when in a bubble to try to stay at home
After all it’s why we should live with a purpose as our lives are on a short term loan
Open economy with more testing, masks, social distances, disinfecting, transparent barriers, washing hands
Unleash medical efforts for cure, therapies and vaccine across the land
Around nursing homes a cordon sanitaire
We have to minimize the risk our seniors must not share
Even if we have to roll the dice and complete openings no longer stall
The 30 million will be north of 50 and still soaring if we delay to the fall!
© May 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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