Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Truth and Civil Liberties Loss are Casualties of CV War

In war the first casualty is truth destroyed by the cannons of censorship
Beyond the aid and comfort to the enemy which should be removed from our lips
Is the pervasive tendency of those in power to not have their power slip
Criticism of those in power is seen as the first step in a weakening of their grip
The second casualty with censorship in place is civil liberties loss
Constitutional rights like free speech or freedom of assembly are into the trash can tossed
Mere mortals are with this mantra quickly hit
“On your protests in order to win you must quit
Patriotic citizens in a winning war effort must sacrifice their rights
Nothing can be more important than winning a wartime fight”
Look carefully and closely and you will not see
A pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights to keep us free
In a war against an invisible enemy the losses seem the same
No one should be allowed to question how the CBC generals in the fight are playing the game
Social media that has for years stifled conservative thought
Is quick to with algorithms shut down those who oppose how the battle is fought
Want to organize a protest against stay at home orders?
Quickly banned as disruptive by the social media warders
Suggest another form of treatment like hydroxychloroquine
By social media off the internet quickly confined
Criticize a policy that sends COVID-19 patients to nursing homes
Social media bans to the heavily censored zone
Censorship only emboldens the power seeking tyrants like Murphy and Whitmer to double down
Knowing that without the light of an unbiased social media they are home free not even a frown
When science in this CV fight is supposed to rule
We are hobbled by models so far off the mark they look like they were formed in grade school
We prosper as a nation in any fight against an enemy seen or unseen
When ideas that conflict on how or why are not by social media blocked or weaned
When Facebook, Google or Twitter ideas on the weakness in strategy to fight the CV are blocked
The fact that we then may stumble along, losing more lives and economic wealth should not really be a shock
Reopen up the economy and access to social media sites
Much better chance then to win and sooner this deadly CV fight
© May 20, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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