Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pandemic and Floyd One Two Punch May Doom Ce Blasio

We are being hit with a massive one two punch that should cause us all to shiver
First the pandemic COVID-19 continues with over 100,000 dead and more deadly infectious arrows in the CV quiver
Second set off by the in custody death of George Floyd that has morphed into riots across the nation
Even as politicians and leader have uniformly leveled against the 4 officers universal condemnation
Even moving to fire as opposed to administrative leave and with murder Chauvin charged
But long simmering feelings of oppressive police action on blacks the protests have quickly enlarged
From peaceful condemnation of police racism to into anarchy metastasize
Looting, burning, destroying property and shots beginning to be heard as civilization begins its demise
Before our very eyes thanks to Cable TV and smart phones we see rioters like locusts surge into stores
Arms full or with carts loaded with goods until nothing worth taking is left any more
The chain stores looted have the ability to repair and restock and open their doors again
The small businesses already hammered by the CV pandemic shut downs, their reopening is more if not when
Businesses destroyed, jobs lost due to the rioting enjoyment thrill
How soon do the victims, rioters and police start having to pay the butcher’s bill
Always try to find a silver lining in the most horrific mess
Here in NYC there’s one that from the pandemic to the riots De Blasio has failed the test
Little wonder the NYPD feels he does not have their back
Already talking about reviewing confrontations implying excessive force they lacked
He can’t manage the city in the best of times and in crisis mode
Nor his 25 year old daughter arrested Saturday for blocking streets and roads
After a few more rioting nights
Voters will boot him out of office to get it right.
© May 31, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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