Tuesday, May 19, 2020

SBA Wants $80 Million of PPP from Planned Parenthood Back thM

The first trait to surface when a federal bailout is created
Is that honesty, integrity and respect for the law is abated
The PPP program was passed with great fanfare
As small businesses were seeing the revenue in their cupboards start to go bare
Its goal was to let small businesses’ employees stay on the payroll
But it quickly ran out of money and soon fell short of its goal
Worse the Blue House dithered and dithered to add extra funds
Small business had to start shedding employees or become moribund
Jobless claims during the delay soared into the millions and Unemployment Offices crashed
All the while small businesses and millions of jobless were running out of cash
The PPP Round 2 now appears in large part due to delay  as too little, too late
With lockdowns small businesses struggling ever more to avoid a never reopening fate
The dismal state of our jobless and small businesses worsened by the news that nonsmall businesses sated on the PPP trough
Is enough to make a jobless worker or small business owner in anger and frustration tear their hair off
Planned Parenthood which has over 700 employees and is by no means small
In addition to thousands of abortions lobbies extensively on all fronts to any restrictions on abortions stall
Contributes millions to the Blues to ensure they will prevail in elections in the fall
Flush with cash and since abortions deemed essential did not and will not be looking at any shortfall
Planned Parenthood’s affiliates were quick to put their hands out an application process follow
Its affiliates sought and received $80 million even as PPP funds for real small businesses were being swallowed
Under Obama there would have never been a single voice to object
But Trump’s SBA since Planned Parenthood is not small, it wants the $80 million to collect
Egged on by Planned Parenthood watch the Blues come to Planned Parenthood’s defense
Attacking PPP funds is a vicious attack on a woman’s right to choose, an unforgiveable offense
Not to be surprised for when the federal funds trough is filled to the top
The pigs stampede over the intended recipients with ferocity that’s non stop
© May 19, 2020, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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