Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Biden Gaffes Keep On Coming Mental Acuity Fading?

Biden wins the prize for the longest quarantine
Whereas for coronavirus you only need 14 days from in public being seen
But if your mental state is in question because of your gaffs
Which now more than ever a sign of mental fade not just a source of laughs
Like Carter who stayed in the White House because of the hostage taking in Iran
Biden has stayed in his basement to avoid public gaffs he cannot withstand
Even with handlers who must be working 24/7 to shield him from hard or soft questions
They cannot protect him from growing concern of dementia infestation
His comment to a black interviewer that you ain’t black if you in the fall vote for Trump
Walked back as a wise guy went over like a lead balloon hitting the ground with a hard thump
As probably the last man still hiding out in a basement
He and Jill heard the handlers and to a War Memorial were sent
Laying only a wreath, no taking questions from the members of the press
Only way his handlers could be sure of a fatal gaff to suppress
Like a groundhog coming out of his burrow and his shadow to see
Will he return to his bunker for six weeks to avoid any gaff spree?
Breathing a sigh of relief, he is now safely back at home
With ideas on economic recovery about as palatable as stale beer defoamed
© May 26, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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