Monday, May 25, 2020

Only 300,000 WWII Vets Left Alive

Memorial Day has morphed into the official opening of summer
But this year with social distancing, masks and closures the day is somewhat of a bummer
If we wish to remember and honor our veterans who have died
Even that honored task in many places the fear of COVID 19 has denied
No Memorial Day Parades, no planting of flags at veteran’s gravesites
No church services to honor those vets who died in the freedom preservation fight
As almost 40 million Americans now jobless under the COCID-19 curse
On this Memorial Day of remembrance and dwindling purses could it ever get worse?
Of the 16,000,000 million men and women who donned the uniform to serve
Only some 300,000 are still alive facing a fate many do not deserve
The youngest of these are spring chickens at the age of  92
Most if not burdened with dementia know their life will soon be through
Many facing a new Stalag of Assisted Living or Nursing Homes
Where COVID-19 with no quarter infects staff and patients as it roams
Our leaders really blundered on their protect the elderly from the virus job
A third of the 100 grand deaths from CV were in nursing homes, their few remaining days to be robbed
To die alone, sedated on a ventilator, separated from family to face death
No family members present to hold a hand while the dying took their last breath
Do not know how many WWII vets were in nursing homes and of the deaths how many were vets
What a shameful way of honoring and remembering those to whom we owe an incredible debt
We cannot bring back the dead but we can wear masks and social distance maintain
And reach out by phone and videos to from physical contact try to refrain
Governors like Cuomo who condemned to death nursing home patient vets and nonvets
 On their reelection days their absolute failure in the job of elderly protection we must never forget
For the carelessness and failure of our leaders we can try to atone by honor and support to vets display
Daily whenever and wherever possible on the last Monday in May and on each and every other day
© May 25, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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