Sunday, May 17, 2020

From $30B Surplus to $54B Deficit and Newsom Begging for Fed Help 94

The Golden State may have had a $30 billion surplus before the pandemic hit
But probably a number from smoke and mirrors if one to calculations for unfunded liabilities admit
Not counting market loss of value CALPERS and CALSTERS have $93.1B in unfunded pension liabilities in the red
Our budget surplus of $30B has overnight due to pandemic changed into almost $54 B deficit instead
Before the states whose spending on public payroll and pensions with their unfunded liability has not gone amok
Before demanding a federal bailout and calling it immoral if we resist curbing spending before a deal is struck
We must get or at least really try to get our house in fiscal order
We must no longer be a magnet for illegal immigration at our Southern border
Newsom has called for a 10 percent cut in spending on state employees a small step and drop in the bucket
Leaving untouched pensions that dwarf private sector that years ago on defined benefits acted to chuck it
Like the pandemic models on morbidity that are up and down of the charts
That have skewed our efforts to fight the pandemic from the start
And put us in rushes to the economy and civil liberties shutdown
Assumptions not valid with projections drawn like from clowns
Instead of using the pandemic to on the deficit blame
Why not once and for all determine the costs in suffering from the  not deporting illegals game
Estimates are subject to bias whether the group is pro or against illegal immigration
And any number put forth will be met with rabid and strenuous  condemnation
But for what it’s worth a FAIR study put out in 2017 comes up with a cost of $23B cost to the Golden State
Since the number of illegals has most likely increased that cost is most likely higher and did not abate
May be difficult because the left has fought tooth and nail
That any attempts to determine citizenship must be doomed to fail
Might even become a much easier task
If only we could where are you a citizen ask
At a time of budget deficits we must our spending cut back and prioritize
Taking care of our citizen homeless or poverty stricken should not be a call to such efforts demonize
Newsom is a puppet to CALPERS, CALTERS  and the trial bar and to significantly cut spending not up to the task
But not acting and instead going to the federal trough to for well run states is too much to ask
© May 17, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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