Saturday, May 30, 2020

May 30, 2020 3:22 p.m. World We're Back

After a hiatus far too long and paying Russians millions for each rocket ride
Americans have a private enterprise rocket on their astronauts’ side
At 12:22 pm PST on May 30, 2020  Americans on a Falcon 9 were orbited into space
Finally after the end of the Shuttle our dependence on Russia to be replaced
An historic moment thanks to the vision of a noted entrepreneur
Once again Elon Musk in these turbulent times a success of private enterprise to secure
Years ago with dissent raging and riots unchecked and Vietnam death and destruction continuing to soar
Apollo 11 launched into the heavens from a beautiful blue spec to a landing becoming part of exploration’s lore
On July 20, 1969 Aldrich and Armstrong landed on the Moon
Dreams ignited maybe that travel to Mars would come soon
Six more missions landing 12 more astronauts with the last 2 to leave on December 14, 1972
After $30 billion spent, the novelty of landing on the Moon no longer grew  
Not to be and December 14, 1972 Apollo missions would forever end
Semi reusable Shuttles continued a 135 missions orbiting astronauts trend
At cost of 2 Shuttles destroyed and 14 astronauts dead
But until Mars’ priorities and budget deficits reared their ugly heads
Putting Americans and often with other nationalities aboard continued ahead
Finally a moment came that we would over time learn to dread
On July 8, 2011 Shuttle Atlantis was launched in the 135th and final Shuttle mission flight
Landing 13 days later at its Kennedy Space Center launching site
Grounded forever in museums to herald what used to have been
Silently standing mute but wishing in space we as a nation would once again win
For 9 years, hat in hand with checkbook out, the only way for Americans to orbit in the International Space Station
Was to be launched as a paying passenger launched in a Russian spacecraft from the Russian nation
Today as the Falcon 9 climbed flawlessly into the sky to break gravity’s hold
Space X has allowed us to say to the Russians “no more, welcome America back as the land of the free and bold.”
© May 30, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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