Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Failed Models, Failed Cannons Failed Nursing Home Protection Time to Reopen Od

We all know the lies-We’re from the government we are here to help you
Sadly from years of experience we know the euphemism is never true
Trust me the check’s has been sent, it’s in the mail
Each day looking at an empty mailbox you finally accept delivery will fail
Today as the pandemic rages across the world and our nation
Targeting the elderly and the sick and nursing home residents but giving the rest mostly salvation
Instead of using a laser to protect the most vulnerable in nursing homes
We are advised by the experts to use a shutdown cannon, turning our malls and factories into empty zones
We are told to do this because if we don’t flatten the virus’ curve
Their models predicted over 2,000,000 deaths on our platters will be served
Our medical system swamped by the infection will crash
That’s why we need shutdowns no matter if they seem rash
And so state after state shut down and 36.5 million and counting lost their jobs
Unemployment offices could not handle the claims and crashed leaving millions with their security and dreams robbed
We listened to the elite and MSM and like sheep their mantra followed
Though each day it seemed more and more devoid of fact and more hollowed
The new lie during the pandemic shutdown was “Stay at home save lives we are all in this together”
As in in places like New York many people at home continued to die while the elite could work at home and their security not fettered
Overzealous governors let quarantine powers go to their heads
Issuing lockdowns that were arbitrary and lacked commons sense instead
A liquor store was essential but not the spiritual wares of a church
Abortions were essential but knee replacements not to locked in a painful lurch
You could be on the water in a kayak but not in a boat
Each day our elite separated from the pain suffered by mere mortals widened the moat
We learned to our dismay the vaunted models were in error
Justified the trampling of the Constitution and unleashing a reign of economic terror
Finally the jobless and civil libertarians rose up shouted “enough”
Filing law suits and ignoring shutdowns in protest telling the elite where their orders they could stuff
The governors failed to protect the most vulnerable in the nursing homes
Instead they mandating patients testing positive and turning them into killing zones
They have also ignored the collateral damage of kids falling behind and rising suicides, spousal and substance abuse and crime
Not affected by income loss they cannot understand the chance for the economy to recover is running out of time
Time to open up the economy with enhanced nursing home protection, social distances, more testing and wearing of masks
If we wait until a vaccine or effective therapy our economy will be so damaged, we will not succeed in our recovery task
It may be true you cannot have an economy without public health
But just as true, you cannot achieve public health if you destroy most of a nation’s wealth
© May 19, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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