Friday, May 8, 2020

Hidin' Biden and Podcast Disaster

You might want to feel sorry for the DNC
Their presumptive nominee’s lack of mental fitness is easier each day to see
Before radio and TV a presidential candidate like James Garfied could campaign from his porch
But Hidin’ Biden confined to his basement is looking more and more inept as the Blue bearer of the torch
Unlike Carter who due to the Iran hostage crisis against Reagan was in the White House confined
Hidin’ Biden is in his basement to avoid being in public and gaffing his pitch and lines
The excuse of not wanting to be or have his followers infected
May not work as Trump has volunteered to have him tested to concern on the disease deflected
Today’s basement podcast visually and audibly came off as a complete disaster
A simple task most grade school students could easily master
We live in perilous times with COVID-19 sweeping through the land
And China, North Korea, Russia and Iran trying to play their anti-American hands
Hidin’ Biden from his basement looks completely as to issues facing us unprepared
Worse it almost seems he slips in and out of comprehending why he’s there
Barely able to complete a coherent thought
No doctor but sure seems his mind is in a full on rot
While trying to deal with the scandal of Tara Reade not going away
Reds wondering in only a question of a brief time before the next fitness gaff Joe will display
© May 8, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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