Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Harvesting of Write-Ins a Recipe for Fraud

Joseph Stalin who never faced a vote of the public is supposed to have said
Something that should make all of us who want a fair election dread
“Those who vote decide nothing.
 Those who count the vote decide everything.”
Today the Democrats who see write in ballots to enhance their chance to win
Would have added to Stalin’s quote this persuasive spin
“Those who vote by write in ballot decide nothing
Those who have the right to harvest write ballots decide everything”
Harvesting of ballots occurs when one is allowed to pick up ballots to then to election officials deliver
But with no way to know which ballots were discarded should make one concerned about fraud shiver
A collector hovering over a voter as he or she filled out the ballot could influence the selection
Plus the chance of altering a ballot destroys the certainty of a fair election
Many observers believe the 2018 Blue sweep of Orange County was not due to voters’ selection
But the harvester’s choices of which ballots to drop off and which ballots to face rejection
Nevada is in a legal morass with RNC in Nevada’s  primary trying to vote harvesting end
Opposed by the Blues who argue danger of the pandemic and want to use this Blue winning trend
Looks like Stalin was right and who gets to count will the winner choose
Which means those of us who want fair and secret ballot elections lose.
        © May 20, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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