Saturday, January 2, 2021

Yoga Helps Creativity As HauteYoga in Seattle Claiming Religious Exemption to Stay Open Following CDC Protocols


Like many Blue Governors Jay Inslee
Has been on a business shut down spree
Gyms and fitness centers until January 11 remained closed
But HauteYoga taking all precautions has thumbed its nose
6 person classes, temperature checks  and masks required
Hepa filters to filter out virus not yet expired
Doors open to let the winter winds off Puget Sound blow
And what could be an ace in the hole claiming an exemption to bestow
Yoga it is claimed is far more spiritual than physical movements and poses
Not a religion but a religion center at less than 25 percent
All the church opening protocols followed not in any way bent
Religion and yoga both aim to bring tranquility and guidance to a soul’s spiritual quest
Both are aids to health as stress, high blood pressure and immobility to arrest
Hopefully Inslee will come to his senses and put his CV prevention cannon down
If not he will remain like those banning outdoor dining, a non science hearing clown
© January 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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