Friday, January 22, 2021

Why Are Thousands of Armed National Guardsmen Still In Capital?


During the protests over the Vietnam War and the killings of students at Kent State
The White House was brief surrounded by metro buses and the 82nd manning the gates
Protesters marched to put flowers in the barrels of troopers’ guns
No real violence more like peace and flower power had begun
Quickly the 82nd packed their bags and returned to base
A sense of normalcy returned to our Capital place
At the inauguration 26,000 National Guard troops took up station
To insure there would be not repeat of the storming the Capitol demonstration
The National Guard on Inauguration Day had to no riots or threats that it had to  quell
The Inauguration was peaceful, no violence for the MSM as the work of white supremacists try to sell
Then the Guard after sleeping in parking garages began to the Capital leave
Save a couple thousand fully armed raising questions of what they were ordered to achieve
A well armed military force occupying our Capital’s streets
What threat were they waiting to defeat?
The voices and concerns of a Biden Presidency that already to many seems flawed
A force to stifle dissent and strays from our cherished rule of law?
Sadly the MSM stands mute and fails to ask why
The tradition of civilian rule save from the left their presence seems to defy
© January 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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