Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Systematic Racism Is A Myth To Keep Urban Blues In Power


If you polled 100 Americans at random to see if a person should be judged by his skin
99 or so would say no and to do so would be at least stupid in not a mortal sin
With our history of slavery followed by the KKK, lynchings and Jim Crow
Being a racist is a place very, very few of us would want to go
But now there is a new Devil’s Dictionary in town
And meanings distorted in it are too quickly spread around
In the motif of the left being a racist now means that with them you disagree
Matters not if you are black or white disagreeing thoughts no longer allowed to run free
Call a person a racist and if believed it is open season to his views discount
Or worse censor and make it impossible for him to obstacles to being heard surmount
If blacks are not successful the mantra goes they are victims of systematic racism
As victims any failings are not their fault they are immune to criticism
Maybe it is not systematic racism but a belief by the Blues
That blacks must remain regardless of their performance voting slaves so power to them accrues
Explains failed schools which could a ladder provide
To climb out of crime and poverty to surface on the middle class side
Explains the power of the teachers’ unions who fight charter schools tooth and nail
Blind to their success as more and more urban schools are a path only to jail
To buy off on the you are a victim refrain
Is a life to the government handouts forever chained

 © January 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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