Thursday, January 7, 2021

Cori Bush Inanely Wants to Expel from House Reds Who Questioned Results--Better Than Shooting Them


Watching the protests at the Capitol almost all Americans wanted them to stop
But Blue Congresswoman from Missouri Cori Bush’s expulsion resolution is a rhetoric stunt that must stop
Trying to expel from the House Reds who questioned the results claiming fraud
Is an idea that coming even from the most rabid Blue  is fatally flawed
This was supposed to be a peaceful protest to let Congress their petitions heard
To imply Reds were encouraging and promoting what we saw is absurd
Not a voice, not a whisper, not even a post or even a tweet
From a Red urging storming the Capitol to overcome Trump’s defeat
Admittedly Trump to the chaos did not help as much as he could with a Trump two step
One step forward to call on protesters to go home and two steps back the election was stolen a fact they should not forget
A presidency killed by a virus that a thriving economy killed
A legacy of a vaccine at warp speed too late to a reelection win instill
Biden with both Houses will seek to Trump’s legacy erase
Reduced only to stark memories of protesters storming Capitol to it replace
Biden ran on the need to the country bring together and unify
Bush’s inane resolution that platform clearly denies
© December 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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