Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cack News Network Drops Another Pile Claiming Biden Had to Start From Scratch On Vaccine Distribution--False


I you like to hunt game one of the first things you learn is to be downwind
So a deer does not make the scent and his path to you he will not rescind
If television sets carried the smells of the images on its screens
News broadcasts from CNN by most people would never be seen
CNN stands for the Cack News Network for its bias really stinks
From their programs to reality and objectivity there is rarely a link
CNN’s latest anti-Trumper scoop
What you would expect from their latest poop?
Is that from a high level anonymous source,  Trump left no vaccine distribution plans
So Biden would have to start from scratch to stem the pandemic sweeping across the land
Again and again throughout the day the scoop lie was repeated with strait faces
Another attempt to any accomplishments of Trump totally erase
Only problem for CNN, Fauci flatly said the assertion was not true
The lie was so bad network was attacked by Chris Cuomo, a biased rabid Blue
If CNN has even a shred of integrity for the journalistic creed
They would retract the anonymous source and with a sincere apology lead
Cack spread over words day in and day out kills all integrity traits
Expecting a retraction or apology and you will be in for a very long wait

© January 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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