Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Pray That Biden's Acts Match His Call for Unity and Lowering the Rhetoric of Disagreement


Biden’s call for unity on his Inaugural Address
Seemed to ape in part Lincoln seeking to heal a nation under great stress
A direct plea to Trump supporters to hear him out as we move forward
If true a far cry from the left and MSM calling for deprogramming as a just reward
Stressing that we can disagree with him as it’s democracy right
As long as disagreement the need to be peaceful does not lose sight
A shadow of the claim of systematic racism was present
And the need to move forward to climate change prevent
Disagreement should not lead to disunion he intoned
Failed to mention should not lead to the censorship  Social Media Giants have sown
All of us should hope the acts of his Administration further his unity call
But the executive order for agencies to focus on minorities may mean quotas for whites to hit a wall
Biden will be Obama on steroids with executive orders that for border security do not bode well
As new floods of illegals have started the trek north  sounding a secure border death knell
Trump leaves as a parting gift 2 vaccines and 2 on deck
And an economy so strong massive shutdowns could not wreck
Will Biden’s view of more taxes, regulations, amnesty without secure borders and war on fossil fuels
Severely and quickly damage the economy by destroying all or most of Trump’s economic growth tools.

© January 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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