Saturday, January 2, 2021

First Blog Poem of 2021 Mayor Wheeler On Antifa May Have Developed A Spine


Finally after almost a year of trying to Antifa trying to appease
Who responded almost nightly with riots to force Portland to its knees
Attacking police with fire bombs and deadly objects time after time
With seeming immunity committing destructive rioting crimes
Mayor Wheeler who once attacked feds for against federal property enforcing the law
Finally may have come to his senses to see appeasing Antifa thugs is a fatal flaw
Anarchy not challenged never dies out and will continue to run its course
Until it is met with unrelenting and arresting force
Wheeler has drawn the line against Antifa riots and has now learned
These were not protests against racism only acts of thugs driven to riot and burn
Finally a change of heart or reelection by the smallest margin in 40 years?
Not good photo ops for future office having a city burning each night on TV appear
Blues should also take note his liberal foe polled badly in income neighborhoods
Who also want law and order, a reality “Defund the Police” leftists still have not understood
Let’s hope Wheeler’s words are not empty threats and Antifa riots will come to a close
Finally Portland with its great microbrew pubs will again be known not as Riot City but City of Roses

© January 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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