Thursday, January 21, 2021

Under Biden If a Male Athlete Is a Loser, Become a Transgender and a Winner in Women's Sports

 If my memory although fading in aging is still mostly correct

It seems like only yesterday Blues attacked Reds for a “War on Women” they seemed to elect
Now it looks like under the banner of making transgenders feel accepted
A Biden executive order that from women’s sports transgenders cannot be rejected
On the CV pandemic front Biden intones that science only will rule
But ignores simple physical facts when it comes to sports in schools
No matter what sex a biologically born male chooses as an identity on which to rely
Science will not let you the fact that biologically born males have more muscle deny
A transgender male competing as a female in almost any event will almost every time win
Biden’s order after decades of advancement in women’s sports will toss Title IX into the trash bin
What woman is going to sacrifice long hours of practice and pain knowing in meets she will fail
Beaten not by other women in a fair meet but by men who identify as females
We should not against transgenders discriminate
Not should we do the same against women by letting transgender males dominate
©January 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet 

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