Saturday, January 23, 2021

Recall Newsom Three Strikes on Pandemic and No Transparency

 Whether one is a Red or a Blue easy to agree Newsom’s performance on the pandemic has been a disaster

On at least three times competence and transparency he has failed to master
Strike one was his failure to foresee that his CV shutdowns would put millions into unemployment  lines
To cause his EDD and its ability to issue unemployment checks crash denying money for jobless to rent or mortgages or even food on which to dine
Jobless went for weeks EDD offices unable to reach
While he and his employees were paid immune to the cries of the jobless trying to beseech
We are the home of high tech companies that are the envy of the world
Which Newsom failed to enlist as despair from the EDD crash swirled
Add insult to injury for millions of jobless desperate for their checks
The EDD was sending millions to felons in prisons that should  have been easy to reject
Strike two was without any evidence of spread he shut down outdoor dining in the state
With restaurants closing forever another nail in the coffin to a stake
Add insult to injury from lack of science to ignore his own draconian rules
Dining at the French Laundry for a lobbyist celebration proved he is an Antoinette fool
Strike three which may mean as an epicenter more Californians will die
Of the thousands of vaccines sent to the state we have lowest level to be used which incompetence further implies
Transparency in Newsom’s administration does not exist
From the suspect China mask deal demands for it he is too quick to resist
To being sued by a restaurant coalition to force release of  data relied on to shut down dining outdoors
Suspect if the science is like the rest of the nation there is no data and if there is it should be ignored
Just because Newsom did not ape Cuomo and send positive nursing home patients to infect to then die
His mismanagement of this deadly pandemic means his continuation in office we must by recall deny. 

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