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January 19, 2021 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Gun Appreciation Day


Ridley’s Believe It Or Not January 19, 2021

      CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues the new year with surging cases now over 96 million at 96,651,429 with 1,028,0401 new cases (a 1.08% increase and .41% yesterday) 25,285,267 of which are active, 71,335,592 closed with 69,269.968 recoveries (97.10% and 97.09% yesterday) and 2,065,624, deaths (2.90% and 2.91% yesterday) to continue the trend of increased cases with increased recovery  percentages and decreased death percentages with some plateaus.

      CV USA Cases: Total cases now over 24 million at 24,806,964 with 352,464 new cases (a 1.44%% increase)  with 9,608,626 active cases of which 28,418 (.30% of active cases and a decrease now of 853 from a peak of 29,271 on December 31) are in serious or critical condition 15,198,338 closures,  411,486 of which have been deaths (2.71% and 2.75% yesterday) and 14,786,852 of which have been recoveries (97.29% and 97.25% yesterday). Our death rate percentage continues to improve and after many months is now .20% lower than the world rate and .11% lower than Canada which has the socialized type medicine Biden may well want to implement here  and on a deaths per million population measurement on a steady climb to 1239 ranks behind Belgium (1762), Italy (1376), and UK (1343) which had passed us despite leading world in testing), and Bulgaria (1245) and only slightly worse than  Hungary (1194), Peru (1175) Spain (1158), Mexico (1101), France (1092), Sweden (1045) that never closed its economy down like we did but has recently been experiencing a rapid rise in deaths, (1000), Switzerland (1019), Argentina (1014), Brazil (991), Chile (915) that we recently passed, Bolivia (827) and  Ecuador (808) and we have now conducted  289,798,167 tests (now at 872,684/M compared to Russia at 666,579/M so Trump was telling truth that we conduct more tests in number and on a per capital basis for nations (other than those nations that contain small populations like Bahrain, Denmark,  Israel, Malta, Singapore and UAE) but for the U.K. which remains off the testing charts with tests at 958,584/M. In the U.S. 12.28 million have been vaccinated

      Non CV Case News: Of the 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed in Washington, D.C., a massive 12 have been removed because of fears of their association with right wing extremists groups which explains why Georgia Red Governor Brian Kemp slammed Blue Rep. Steven Cohen’s idiotic and demeaning slam that because the National Guard was 90 % white that a large percentage might do something to interfere with Biden’s election (if Biden really wants to unify this country he might want to have a “woodshed” chat with this idiot who probably could use some “deprogramming” the MSM is calling for Trump supporters); HRC despite all the facts to the contrary is still trying to sell the Russian Collusion lie, even suggesting the Putin and Trump were conspiring (in a word to this defeated hack whose fixation with Russia as why she lost one word ENOUGH); Pelosi whose actions to rush a kangaroo court type impeachment screaming “clear and present” danger has revealed her true biased intentions of trying to make sure Trump can never run for office by sitting on her show trial Articles of Impeachment and now asking for a Warren type commission to investigate the storming of the Capitol (she knows that but for the CV pandemic that devastated our economy and enable Biden to run a bunker basement campaign to conceal his fading mental fitness, Trump would have won probably in a landslide despite any voter fraud); Mitch McConnell seemed to be showing his age and potential RINO status on the floor of the Senate claiming Trump incited the storming of the Capitol; Blue California Rep seems to be pushing a $23/hr minimum wage to lift millions out of poverty while ignoring the obvious question of how many will be then without work and forced into the poverty of no job;; the recall Gavin Newsom continues to gather signatures over a million moving forward to the required goal of 1,500,000 https://recallgavin2020.com/petition/.
          Chicago/Baltimore Gun Violence: HeyJackass.com is back to show that through January 18, 2021 in 2021, gun violence involving persons of color shooting persons of color in Chicago is alive and well with 151 persons shot of whom 33 have died.

As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this day in history, a musical link to “Shake Me Down” by Greg Abbott, the  fact that after dining on fiddleheads you have acquired pteridomania and a quote on the Iranian hostage crisis by Edwin Meese, secure in the knowledge that if you want to send a gift for any memorable events like Father’s Day, college graduations, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. Please contact me for the details on the pricing.

        1. Gun Appreciation  Day—organized by Political Media, Inc., under the direction of Larry Ward, and brought together gun rights, Tea Party, and conservative groups 2 days before Obama’s second term to promote the 2nd Amendment and oppose Obama’s agenda of enhanced gun control; good bet that the observance will not be favored by the Biden Administration.

          2. National Popcorn Day—celebrating a tasty low calorie snack with only 31 calories per cup of air popped popcorn and the profit margin for many theaters during high license fees major motion pictures.

          3.  1987 Number One Song—the number 1 song in 1987 on this day with a run of 1 week in that position was “Shake Me Down” by Greg Abbott joining 29 other number one songs and 15 other acts having their first number 1 song one song. Here is a recording of Greg Abbott  singing “Shake Me Down”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc8wmLul3uw

4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “pteridomania” :which means a passion for ferns which is understandable if one has ever eaten fern fiddleheads.

 5. No Mercedes Hearses—celebrating the birthday on this day in 1943 of noted singer Janis Joplin who despite great talent had a heroin addiction and died at age 27 on October 4, 1970 from an accidental overdose following drinking alcohol and using  heroin and missing out on her “Me and Bobby McGee” posthumously reaching number one in March 1971.

On this day in:

a. 1981 in a new sheriff is coming to town moment the Iranians agreed to release the 52 Americans they had held hostage for 444 days following the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran.

          b. 1983 Apple announced its Lisa PC, the first commercial PC to have a graphic interface and a computer mouse.

c. 1986 the first IBM PC was released which was a boot sector virus dubbed  (c) Brain and created by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan.

d. 1997 PLO head Yasser Arafat returned Hebron after 30 years to a hero’s welcome to celebrate the end of Israeli rule of the last Israeli controlled city on the West Bank.

e. 2012 the file sharing sited Megaloadup was shut down by the FBI as a site for copyright infringement.

          Reflections on the release of the American hostages: coffee:  “'I think the Iranians ought to think over very carefully the fact that it would certainly be to their advantage in every way to get our hostages back now.'' Edwin Meese, top adviser to President-elect Reagan before becoming Attorney General.
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