Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Biden's Amnesty Plan with No Border Security Is Reagan O'Neill Same Agreement Deja Vu


Fool me once shame on you but fool me again and on me shame
Biden wants amnesty over 8 years to illegals who have the immigration laws gamed
But sadly without the needed border security to additional illegal immigration tame
Just like what happened in the amnesty and border security “agreement” with Reagan the results will be the same
Reagan who with the Russians on arms control was the verify king
Was duped by the Blues and without security a flood of new illegals the open border would bring
It is a noble goal to want to have a path for illegals who are working and not states and cities driving to be bankrupt
But not if the gate is then opened and a massive flood of new illegals want to come up
Blues in their gated communities pay lip service to illegals’ needs
Want them only as future voters to the Blues’ demands vote for them heed
In a high tech global economy we need immigrants who are the brightest and the best
Not those who are near illiterate with no skills to break open and drain the welfare chests
Blues may control the House by a margin that is historically slim
Time for the Red Truth Machine to gear up to alert all voters that open borders are lose-lose and nowhere  a win-win
How many legal immigrants or Americans have to be by illegals killed or maimed?
How many poor American whites or minorities of color see due to illegals their jobs and wages flushed down the drain?
How many schools are inundated with children who cannot read or compute?
Swelling classroom so the education of other citizens’ kids is diluted
Before the light bulbs go on in Blues’ power lusting heads?
That we need merit based immigration couple with secure borders instead
 © January 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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