Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Capitol Stormed by Trump Supporters Angry Trump Supporters Believing Trump Election Was Stolen


Reds retired last night in a state of shock
Loeffler after early lead was trailing radical leftist Warnock
Perdue and Ossoff  were tied
This poet had a sinking feeling that keeping the Senate would be denied
Waking up to the reality that we have been hit with the Schumer majority curse
As the day went on the situation in the nation turned even far worse
Fueled by Trump’s continuing claims the election was won by voting fraud
Pro Trump supporters descended on the Capitol to quickly pierce the peaceful protest facade
Stormed the Capitol, breaking into offices, forcing Congress to huddle in fear
Guns drawn by police if through the locked doors protesters  into the House Chamber would appear
A 14 year unarmed Air Force vet Trump supporter was inside and was shot dead
Not by a dreaded Antifa most likely by Capital police instead
Since there is no WLM quick to march in protest band
There will be no burning and looting to quickly get out of hand 
Trump continued to fraud by Biden claim
Ravaged Pence for agreeing to Electoral College vote and not doing the same
A legacy of incredible economic success
Of  putting on China needed pushback stress
Conservative judges by the score include to SCOTUS three
Ruined by 4 years of Blue attacks and a virus Blues claimed he let run free
Too much ego, too much of a narcissist
A legacy soon to be gone as if it never did exist

© January 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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