Saturday, January 2, 2021

House Rule Books Bans Gender Designation and Opens Floodgate for Climate Change and C0VID-19 Spending


Pelosi’s view of America as a Banana Republic picked up some more peels
As her 47 page new House Rules seem to reveal
Gender specific nouns must disappear
In writings man, woman, father, mother, son or daughter can no longer appear
But on the floor of the House members at the crippling PC culture can orally thumb their nose
But members can still pack save in House Chamber, Speaker’s Lobby, cloakroom and Rayburn Room where packing is opposed
But the change that will adversely affect our pocketbooks is much more really  profound
Bills on spending for climate change or COVID-19 no longer require new funding sources  or budgetary reductions which is fiscally unsound
Literally a hole one could drive a trillion or so deficit truck through
Another reminder why the Senate due to Georgia must not flip to the Blues
More rules to curb ability the minority Reds
To propose amendments so Blues can ram through bills instead

© January 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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