Sunday, January 24, 2021

Abortion May Not Be Healthcare


Like so many leftist Blues our VP must be a fan of Ambrose Bierce
Uses The Devil’s Dictionary to prevent us from her bias and hypocrisy  pierce
She praised abortion legalized by Roe v. Wade as insuring “health care”
It may be when the mother’s life is in real danger and the threat she cannot bear
No woman should be forced to endure a risk of death or injury from childbirth
A tragedy beyond repair for the fetus when doctor and mother rule a risk not worth
But healthcare in all abortion cases especially late term is too much of a stretch
The idea that Harris and the Blues support partial birth abortions makes one retch
Or the idea a newborn child will not be wanted or even not put up for adoption and given away
So calls for an abortion seems a deep act of selfishness not health care on display
Sanger was a crusader for eugenics and believed in limiting the number of born blacks
After Roe v. Wade 62 million a chance to be born lacked
Good chance a higher percentage were fetuses that would of color have been
Never had a chance to play in the game of life with a chance to win

©   January 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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