Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Trump Way Past Time to Fold Cards on Election Fraud


If one is a devoted Red
One believes Blues in Blue run cities vote even if long dead
In 1960 Nixon lost a close election and was certain
That fraudulent voters tipped Illinois when they were behind the voting booth curtain
But Nixon to his credit not wanting to a nation further divide
Did not by the election results seek not to abide
Trump on the other hand claimed fraud
Sought through recounts and court cases to prove the victory was flawed
Emboldened  by the disbelief that Biden had received more votes than anyone before
Trump charged that Biden had used rampant fraud to run up his score
As court after court dismissed his claims
The volume and intensity of his charges remained the same
It still seems unlikely to many that a candidate seeming to cross the dementia line
Would receive over 81 million votes which blows the rational mind
It would have been far better to let the suits play out
Without again and again claiming fraud in numerous Twitter shouts
A well earned and deserved legacy especially with a vaccine at warp speed down the drain
Flushed with shrill constant the election was stolen from me refrain
Let it go President Trump,  go back to rebuilding the Trump empire
The more you continue your rants and your supporters to protest inspire
The quicker Americans of your charges will tire
Destroying a run in 2024 even if foolish enough to another 4 years aspire
© December 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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