Friday, January 22, 2021

Couric's Inane Reprogramming Comment for Trump Supporters Puts Jeopardy Host Deal in Jeopardy--Hurray


Kathy Couric lost her journalistic credibility when she urged reprogramming camps
Almost like a déjà vu North Korean brainwashing to the Trump supporters’ minds revamp
So once reeducated they will pass muster as with leftist thought they have been stamped
Forget about independent or conservative thought as on those they will be tramped
Reprogramming is an idea that should have raised cries of outrage and rejection
Only sounds of silence until Jeopardy is moving to make a Trabek replacement selection
Kathy Couric was supposed to be in the top running for Trabek to replace
But surprise,  surprise the show’s producers thought her remarks were a serious disgrace
Middle America does not take kindly to the elite demanding they be sent behind wires
And from listening to Couric’s inane remarks they must have tired
A breath of fresh air that this biased leftist will not be a Jeopardy host
But sadly she will still be on the air spewing her anti Conservative venom coast to coast
© January 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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