Saturday, January 2, 2021

Both Pelosi's and McConnell's Homes Vandalized by Vandals Unknown Yet--Omen of More Violence?


The threads of civility are fraying, the rule of law cupboard is almost bare
The homes of both Pelosi and McConnell are in the vandals’ ”protests” cross hairs
The idea of petitioning the government for grievances from the First Amendment shed
Pelosi’s home spray painted with “We Want Everything” punctuated with red paint and a severed pig’s head
McConnell’s home with “Where’s My Money?” and “Mitch Kills Poor” graffiti
Tough times for two 82 year olds to be head of the Reds and Blues
Sadly even real blood not red paint would force Pelosi to come to the table
Will not budge on repeal of Section 230 so Social Media Giants can no long inflict the “We don’t censor conservative thought fable”
Nor even a commission on election security to in our elections faith restore
Nor having legal votes not cancelled by fraud a goal all should call for
McConnell and Pelosi were not at home both in the Swamp
Where in the first days of 2021 like all of 2020 rabid partisanship freely romps
It is really time for partisans to the rhetoric and protests tone down
Or in their two homes since vandalism not checked gets worse next we will hear the house firebombing sounds
© January 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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