Saturday, January 9, 2021

Time to Leave Twitter Go To Parlor to Escape Stalinistic Iron Curtain

 Hoffman was right that the 1st only bans Congress from passing  anti-speech laws But his analysis misses the point and is fatally flawed Self regulation by Progressive foxes of the Conservative Hen Coop Means he has long since left the rational loop Social media in the internet world is more life a utility that we must have to exist If the electric, phone or gas providers refused service to conservatives we would all resist Unless you are violating some law like in L.A. ignoring indoor dining bans A defense to cutting off service would be  dismissed quickly out of hand As long as one pays his utility bill Cutting off service utilities never will Social Media users’ payments are in the form of loss of privacy and personal data mined Valuable currency that pours into Social Media and adds to its lucrative bottom line Congress could provide that any user could not be banned unless violence was being urged Provide for an appeal for termination of service and damages for being purged Prohibitions on speech of a violent kind could be narrowly defined Damages when Social Media giants ignored and crossed into censorship line Freedom from litigation 230 grants must come with a cost At minimum prevention of conservative thought into the censorship bin being tossed Hoffman is right on one point the pendulum has a great chance to swing back Progressive thoughts, tweets and posts may find themselves in the future on a censorship track

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