Thursday, January 7, 2021

Biden Attacks Trump for Storming the Capitol and Double Standard If It Had Been BLM

 Protests in Capital that morphed into storming Capitol like the Bastille

Should be & are condemned by all & anyone watching must have thought it 2 unreal

Trump called on protesters 2 go home a welcome 1st step

Then went backward 2 claim again a stolen election 4 no protester 2 forget

It's high time 4 him 2 accept he has exhausted his administrative & judicial appeals

Time 4 him 2 his acceptance of the results w/o  reservation 2 his base reveal

Biden in addressing the nation has shown the closer 2 the Oval Office he gets

The more his call 2 unify the nation he seems 2 forget

Claiming Trump incited the riot by a small percentage of protesters that looked like a  mob

Who by storming & forcing Congress 2 flee prevented them from doing their job

Then piled condemnation on by claiming 4 years of unrelenting attacks 2 suppress

The rule of law, the judicial branch including SCOTUS nominated by him & the “free press”

Then 2 show he was still shackled by Blue identity politics slammed on the table the race card

Shaming us by claiming if mob was a BLM “protest” it would have been met w/lethal force & entrance barred

In his mind killing an unarmed white female Air Force vet in the Capitol by police doesn't count

At least he did not add 3 the 25th cry as from Schumer & Pelosi the demands mount

Probably because he knows when speaking not 2 a teleprompter tethered

People will realize that mentally he does not have it together

© January 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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