Thursday, January 7, 2021

Pelosi and Schumer Calling for Trump to Resign or Face 25th What a Crock


Pelosi earlier spoke that she would love to have Trump dragged by his hair from the White House
She detests him almost to a psychotic state views him as an unworthy louse
From her offer of a dollar for the wall to impeachment to ripping up his State of the Union speech
Any idea of decency or objectivity or what’s in the best interests of the nation does not reach
Her latest rant joined by Chuck which shows insanity run amok
Is to demand he resign or by the 25th from the presidency be chucked
Doubtful Pence as Vice President would to Trump’s removal with 13 days left sign on
Maybe she believes a man with ethics and integrity would resign and give her 13 days on the White House lawn
Banana Republics have a tendency of removing presidents with a firing squad
Substituting the 25th in place there of is an idea fatally flawed
Pelosi should listen to the warning be careful on what you wish
It may not be too long for Biden that Harris with the 25th is knocking on the Oval Office door
Pelosi and Schumer need to take a deep breath and Nancy should with ice cream stuff her Botox face
No inciting a riot by Trump even though he does not want to concede her assertion in a total disgrace
© Janaury 7, 2021  The Alaskanpoet

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