Friday, September 1, 2017

Taxes Are The New Diet Plan

We all know that in America obesity is a problem we need to solve
Too many of us when it comes to portion control are without any resolve
Our overweight bodies become more and more deadly ticking time bombs
Of risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, joint erosion and other maladies to cause harm
If there is a place for the private sector it is in the area of weight loss
NutriSystems, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers enable you to over calories be the boss
But the news today is that there is another pervasive diet plan
That relentlessly is sweeping across the land
Food and clothing are pretty basic as none of us go to work in the nude
But now it seems that federal, state and local taxes more and more into our wallets intrude
At least with food and clothing spending there is gratification
With spending resulting from taxes too much waste, fraud and abuse devastation
Federal, state and local taxes have grown by 41 percent to spending on food and clothing surpass
We desperately need tax cuts but given the Blue obstructionism a tax cut bill will face an impasse  
Instead of working in August on tax cuts our parasites in Congress simply bailed
Let’s hope the voters remember their MIA and punish them next year on the campaign trail
 © September 1, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                         
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