Monday, September 18, 2017

Emmy Ratings Crater Due to Trump Hatershaer

At the Emmys Award show last night complete anti-Trump bashing nonstop
To no one’s surprise a complete ratings all time low flop
A steady stream of winning “celebrities” total Trump haters
Little wonder the ratings were at and all time big crater
The slams were devoid of humor and  really quite sick
Across the nation you could hear the sounds of the change channels click
Along with the curses at CBS of due to ratings in the proverbial dump
Ad revenue from the show reduced to all time lows due to bashing of Trump
What the Hollywood snowflakes no longer seem to grasp
Is that except in their bubble or in the Swamp no one wants to hear their biased rasps
Led by the president Baldwin who is paid by SNL far too much money
Under the delusion that his Trump portrayal is for the rest of us funny
When it comes to what people will remember as usual he is wrong
In the company of great Americans off script he does not belong
His jokes and slams on Trump reek with the tepid and rotting Swamp smell
What we want is progress on jobs, security, growth, secure borders that Trump is trying to sell
Baldwin is a president of delusion that soon will be relegated to history’s trash heap
Ignore what we mere mortals want and need and falling ratings Hollywood will reap
After listening so briefly this poet is convinced the Academy made a big mistake
Each winner receiving an Emmy should have been required to a one way ticket out the nation take
To make sure their celeb bodies did not suffer like mere mortals in the back of the plane
Upgrade to first class or private jet if an agreement made that returning to this nation they will refrain!
 © September 18, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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