Saturday, September 30, 2017

PO Tricia Caparra 15 Felony Counts for Sex With Minors

PO Tricia Caparra Changed with 15 Felony Counts

As women with the advent of the pill in the 60’s have become more liberated on the sexual front
Can now swing for the orgasm fences in the bedroom as opposed to laying down an acting bunt
More and more we see woman in terms of vocabulary sounding just like locker room men
F bombs used by female celebrities, students, wives, moms and even Senators like Harris again and again
Our once revered institutions like the Catholic Church have with rocked with too many cases of altar boy abuse
While in the schools too many male teachers when it comes to female students want their zippers loose
Now the women are joining the act and female after female teachers are making the crime bookings page
Women teachers married or not having sex with male student minors is the latest rage
Statutory rape charges with real prison time
Seems to add to the orgasmic thrill, does not deter the crime
As parents pray for their sons that sexual abuse of their teenage sons comes to an end
News out of California of an even more abuse of authority a former probation officer’s acts sends
It’s one thing even corrupt and wrong for a teacher to for a better grade dangle
So a trip to the sack a female teacher can from a teen student wrangle
But for a probation officer with the power to send a parolee back to jail or juvenile hall
Is an abuse of police powers for which parents and the rest of us should be appalled
 PO Tricia Caparra aged 36 has been charged with 15 felony counts for having sex with two of her parolees
If convicted send her to prison big time to set an example that her secrets were not safe and throw away the key
September 30, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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