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September 5, 2017 Ridley's Believe It Or Not International Charity Day

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not For September 5, 2017 Nikki Haley made a powerful request for more sanctions against North Korea warning that the rogue nation is “begging for war” and that the U.S. and the civilized world have run out of road but so far the Security Council has not voted for or against sanctions; Irma is no longer Irma La Douce and looking more like Irma L’amer as it is projected to be a Cat 5 and worse may hit Florida (pray that if it does it does not ape Katrina and after slamming Florida crosses into the Gulf, strengthens and then delivers another punch to Houston and Louisiana); DACA the unconstitutional executive order by Obama ceased to exist but Congress will have six months to come up with a solution to the 800,000 or so “Dreamers” illegally brought to this country by their illegal alien parents (time for compromise with Congress extending guest worker status for these people and a wait in line path to citizenship if and only if the debt ceiling is raised,  the Wall is built, Kate’s Law is passed, e-verify becomes the employment law of the land and the border becomes secure in reality and not just in name); Perez, the head of the DNC was on a Howard Dean like melt down rant after the announcement of the end of DACA which does not bode well for the idea of compromise; on the bias front Regnery Publishing, a publisher for many conservative authors, has severed its relationship with the NYT due to its bias on its “Best Sellers List”; on the Clinton front a few leaked pages from her book of delusions What Happened disclose another cause other than herself for her loss—Bernie Sanders and news that George Soros is at it again this time funding a lawsuit to block New Hampshire’s voter ID law; on the narcissism front this week’s winner is not Obama or Trump but rather Mayor De Blasio who despite approval ratings of only 42 percent is seriously suggesting there should be parades in his honor (what a joke!); through September 4, 2017 in Chicago the number of people being shot climbed to 2590, and the death toll again on the rise to 444.
As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, a music link to Tex Williams, factoids of interest for this day in history, a relevant quote on charity and its effects, hoping your day is full of jocose people,  secure in the knowledge that if you want to find a gift for any memorable events like weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. You need only contact me for details.
1International Day of Charity—created by the General Assembly in 2012 to promote awareness of the benefits of charity and to create common platforms to assist in the raising and allocation of charitable funds
2. Teachers’ Day (India)celebrating on a day in which holidays are few and far between if in India vacationing a day to honor the work of teachers; although not celebrated on this day in the U.S. might not be a bad idea to thank teachers especially those in Texas and Louisiana who are facing a tough job with dozens of schools closed due to Harvey.      
3. 1947 Number One Song— the number one song in 1947 on a run of 6 weeks in that position to the dismay of the American Cancer Society and its singer who ultimately died from lung cancer was “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette”) by Tex Williams. Here is a performance of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzuLhCkb5_k Reality sometimes imitates art as Tex Williams was a smoker and died after a yearlong battle with lung cancer at the age of 68.
4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “jocose” which means merry or characterized by joking which in our partisan bitter Congress is a characteristic that is lacking.      
5.  Move Too Fast Life Does Not Last—celebrating the birth on this day in 1946 of Farrokh Bulsara better known to his fans as Freddie Mercury, noted singer and songwriter for the British band Queen who had many homosexual relationships, contracted AIDS and died at the age of 46.
On this day in:                       
a. 1960 Cassius Clay was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee while winning the gold medal for the light heavyweight boxing class.
b. 1969 Lt. William Calley of the U.S. Army was charged with premeditated murder of 109 men, women and children at the village of My Lai in South Vietnam in 1968, a sad and despicable day for the U.S. Army compounded by its attempts to cover up the massacre. 
c. 1972 8 members of the Palestinian terrorist group “Black September” at the Munich Olympics Game,  broke into the dorm housing 11 Israeli athletes, killing 2 and taking the other 9 hostage. The terrorists and the hostages were flown by helicopter to the airport under the guise of being then flown to an undisclosed Arab country but really to be ambushed by West German police who had underestimated the number of terrorists and totally botched the ambush resulting in the death of all the hostages, 5 terrorists, and 1 policeman. The 3 terrorists who survived were convicted and sent to prison but later released in exchange for a hijacked Lusitania jet.  
d. 1975 Lynnette “Squeaky” Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, attempted to assassinate President Ford in Sacramento, was tried and convicted, and sentenced to life in prison and was paroled in 2009. 
e. 1986 5 members of the terrorist Abu Nidal Organization hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 while it was on the ground in Karachi, Pakistan with 386 passengers and crew aboard. Once they realized that one of the passengers had opened an exit door allowing several to jump out, the 5 opened fire, murdering 43 and wounding over a 100 before running out of ammunition. They surrendered, were tried, convicted and sentenced to death, a sentence that was commuted to life in prison where they continue to rot.
Reflections on the property use of charity on this International Charity Day:”Charity bestowed upon those who are worthy of it is like good seed sown on a good soil that yields an abundance of fruits. But alms given to those who are yet under the tyrannical yoke of the passions are like seed deposited in a bad soil. The passions of the receiver of the alms choke, as it were, the growth of merits.” Buddha If you have ever seen someone panhandling with a sign that says he or she is homeless in a late model car or takes the money raised and heads for the nearest liquor store or drug dealer the wisdaom of the quote becomes very apparent. Please enjoy the poems on events of interest on my twitter account below (if you like them, retweet and follow me) and follow my blogs. Always good, incisive and entertaining poems on my blogs—click on the links below. Go to www.alaskanpoet.blogspot.com for Ridley’s Believe It Or Not—This Day in History, poems to inspire, touch, emote, elate and enjoy and poems on breaking news items of importance or go to Ridley's Believe It Or Not for just This Day in History.  
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