Monday, September 11, 2017

A Lemon Is Lemon Not A Lover Or Lawman

What is in a surname you might ask, a trait, a profession, a father or a place to call home?
Good questions as more and more MSM staffers enter the bias, rhetoric meltdown zone
Easy to guess a Miller is a grinder of grain, a Taylor a sewer of fine garb
What about a Lemon who as a member of the Cact “News” Network is infamous for his anti-Trump barbs?
Is the name derived from citrus farmers whose personality like lemons is bitter not sweet
Or derived from car salesmen who sell you a car that after leaving the lot quickly breaks down in the street
As much as Don Lemon’s relentless personal attacks over the top on Trump make you want to believe
That a seller of cars that are lemons is the basis on his name and from the ranks of true journalists we should heave tells us there is no connection to a real lemon that came to us from the great masters of deceit
The Persians now known as Iranians who when dealing with non Iranians almost impossible for an honest man to meet
No Lemon is derived from Old English meaning “dear man,” “lover” or “sweetheart”
Listening to Don Lemon on his biased anti-Trump over the top is not the image the name imparts
Nor is the Norse potential origin of law man
Unless in is the law of advocacy journalism corrupting this land
Those origins for Lemon, in Don Lemon’s case this poet choses to reject
If he is bitter over Trump and keeps trying to sell us damaged goods, this is the origin to select
Either the bitterness of a real lemon or the seller of lemon cars
In either case time to his biased face in our living rooms forever bar.
        © September 11, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet         
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