Thursday, September 7, 2017

Too Much Spite at Vanity Fair

Not since the days of Camelot have we seen in a first lady such elegance and grace
But sadly never have we seen the MSM falling over each other to heap personal disgrace
Even though Michelle put her foot in her mouth by only with the election of Barack could she proclaim
To be proud to be an American and for our perceived faults no longer have shame
She became the darling of the left and even with her bogus garden could do no wrong
Whereas the new heiress to Camelot had not a chance to please over the MSM attacking throng
Usually attacks on Flotus or the children are totally taboo
No longer as the left will never forgive Trump for his success coronation coup
Vanity Fair that supposed icon of fashion and good taste
A unity moment so simple of putting Melania on its fashion list goes to waste
A first lady that most women she far outshines in beauty, grace and intellect
Because she is married to Trump all the Vanity Fairs can do is reject.
Stiletto heels to climb up the Air Force One stairway
As graceful as if she were on a model runway
© September 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                          
Alaskanpoet for Hire, Poems to Admire

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