Sunday, September 17, 2017

11 Year Old Frank Mows Left Howls Child Labor

Frank Giaccio, an eleven year old is a future entrepreneur, a bold kid
Mowing lawns in his neighborhood he decided the feds he could outbid
Wrote a letter to the president given his experience and pricing he would seek to the White House lawn mow
He promised a better job with any mower the president would want and for a lot less dough
The letter when opened by his staff must have struck a responsive chord
No security concerns and soon it was decided to the chance to Frank award
Not sure if the issue ever made it to Trumps desk
Or whether the staff spent any time looking at the optics of Frank’s request
After all his youngest son is of the same age
And his children were not spoiled; his ideas of the need for work were sage
Unlike Obama who would have brought together a focus group
To see if hiring a kid as a mower his drop in popularity he would recoup
No need for that only a simple yes
A chance for young Frank to the growing grass address
And address he did and to his surprise the president suddenly appeared
No time to stop and chat Frank  had a deadline to adhere
So he kept pushing the mower while the president walked and conversed along
Great optics, great story but if Trump thought there would be slack he got it wrong
The left when into a twitter frenzy implying Trump was against Child Labor Laws
So typical ignoring the fact that lawn care is permitted and glossing over that argument flaw
An encouraging message for the youth including recent unemployed grads
Don’t sit back in your parent’s house, get out and look for and ask for work as there are jobs to be had
If the left and MSM would spend a fraction the time on demeaning Trump they spend
And work on solving the issues we face, we could easily scrap the rhetoric and gridlock end
© September 17, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                        
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