Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Scumbag Gutierrez Calls Kelly A Disgrace

Luis Gutierrez is a poster child
For an incumbency running wild
This Democrat congressman has been in the office for 24 years
The proverbial safe entrenched seat with nothing for him to fear
A former member of the now defunct Puerto Rico Socialist Party
His mother’s milk in politics was Chicago where politics are really clarty
Other than driving a cab during school and to raise money for a failed campaign
Never had a job in the private sector which with his progressive slant views with disdain
Displaying a partisan one track mind on the issue of immigration reform
Which to him means that a secure border and deportations is something we should mourn
Has once again with his criticism of Kelly and Trump gone over the rhetoric top
Blasted Kelly as a disgrace to his uniform exactly the kind of nonsense that he should stop
Kelley served his country with bravery and lost in the Middle East his son
Sadly Gutierrez in a majority Latino district even with slander like that will win each race he runs
A trued scumbag who to the progressive base panders
Disgusting that a man of honor and integrity he willingly slanders
The Dream Act could be passed in a day if Guttierez and his progressives agreed to build the Wall
Along with more agents to the border secure and the flow of illegals and drugs stall
And a legal immigration plan that was based on needed capital or skill
Not on family relationships that often merely the welfare rolls quickly fill
Sadly won’t happened because Blues like Gutierrez could care less about immigrants rights
They are driven only by a perception that Latinos will always vote Blue on Election Night
© September 6 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                           
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