Sunday, September 3, 2017

Let The Fed Dollars Roll

In the eyes of the MSM Trump can never do right
Slammed by MSM for a lack of compassion on his first Texas flight
Even Melania found herself in the MSM mocking crosshairs
Slammed for wearing stilettos walking up the Air Force One stairs
Trump is the first non politician we have had as president since Eisenhower
Although one could would argue that leading the Allies in Europe was a lot like exercising political power
One may like or dislike Trump’s policies and bemoan his tweets
But never doubt his smarts if you want to avoid going down in defeat
Today we witnessed a nonpolitician exhibit great politician like skills
From kissing a small child, handing out meals, being in photos and promising fed dollars to fill the Texas till
The first trip not to interfere with search and rescue efforts was by nature somewhat constrained
Waters in many cases still rising, areas still being deluged by rain
A trip by a president for local law enforcement is a security nightmare
My police officers to augment the Secret Service have to be brought to bear
Meaning when the first responders’ cupboard is empty due to search and rescue efforts fully engaged
Hard to free up officers while the deadly effects of Harvey in the affected areas continue to rage
So Trump got hit with an undeserved lack of compassion for failure to victims to meet
Failure to hug and listen instead of getting resources to the victims which is in terms of recovery more concrete
Thank God we have a Trump as president as opposed to Hillary her for Texans and Cajuns an undisguised elitist disdain
Any compassion by her would be a thin veneer and her aloofness for these deplorables would remain
© September 3, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                          
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