Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Suicide Has More Than One Victim

Suicide Has More Than One Victim
In any suicide there is always more than one victim to discern
But only one is in the casket or ashes in the urn
The person who could no longer cope with problems imagined or real
Pain too great, solutions or escape plans not being revealed
The living may suffer from disease or accidents then die only but one time
For the victim it’s like Groundhog Day each and every day with the problem mountains more impossible to climb
But the living may have no escape from the grief or possible sense of guilt
Of missing the visible hindsight signs as a person’s desire to live began to wilt
If only I had said something or sent her for professional help or her problems did not ignore
I would not today be staring at a casket resting on a church floor
Listening to the sobs and seeing the tears flow
Baffled friends and family in shock wondering why did she have to go
The answer is that at that moment of her decision even with a note we may never learn
While the eyes moist, tears form and clouds of black grief return
The living are a brother’s or sister’s keeper but guilt over her act
Is something that the living in grief must relentless push back
Use the act among the living as a lesson perhaps of the consequences of one’s choices
Always ready to stop, empathize and to listen to loved one’s troubled voices
If there is a silver lining in this moment of grief, it perhaps is this
Staring down into the endless black grief abyss
Time may not heal the emotional wounds but time enables the mind like the body to form scars
And slowly ever so slowly cover the wound and deepening guilt and pain slowly bar
© September 6 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                           
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