Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Congress To Fix DACA in Six Months Huh

The Congress that cannot compromise to save its life
MIA in the month of August, mired in personal attacks and gridlock strife
Almost all Blues marching like robots to an obstructionist scorched earth
Reds splintered on Obamacare clearly from them also we have not gotten our money’s worth
Today is now charged with solving Obama’s DACA mess
A proverbial compromise rabbit must pulled out of the hat in six months or less
With a debt ceiling hanging over our heads, tax cuts waiting for the Trump ambulance to deliver them to the ER
Obamacare repeal and replacement disconnected from life support as premiums and deductible rapidly soar
Schumer and his minions promising to fight the Wall and border security tooth and nail
How can these dysfunctional idiots do anything other than to in the discharge of their duties fail?
Insanity is best defined by repeating the same failed act and expecting a different result
So typical for the porous and open border deportation revolving door Swamp denizens’ cult
No one other than Blues will step up to the DACA must be fixed plate
Without a secure border to prevent millions of new illegals that we must in the future await
A physical wall on the border, an e-verify wall around businesses, an end to illegals receipt of welfare
Kate’s Law enacted and enforced and the walls of Sanctuary Cities the full weight of federal funding cut offs brought to bear
Then and only then permanent worker visa status for the Dreamers and for citizenship to the end of the line
A rational legal immigration system based on the country’s needs not family connections we could then design
A six month’s time bomb ticking which if it goes off, most incumbents will not survive in November the blast
Maybe just maybe the adage that you can push a politician to the waters of compromise but cannot make him drink will recede into the distant past
 © September 5, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                         
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