Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hunting Season On RINOs

Our House and Senate are dysfunctional in a total gridlock mess
While the economy is approaching major economic distress
All Senators like Harris want to do is fight for this and fight for that
Pin the Trump Agenda on its ears to the political mat
The Blues with the willing support of the MSM
Are constantly over the top in rhetoric to any progress by Trump stem
Breaking tradition with against the first lady unabated personal attacks, even fashion snubs
So quick to pick up the Trump racist bashing club
He is facing a Fifth Column of RINOs who have yet to get on board
Who listen not to the people but to the growing lobbyist horde
The ship of state is becalmed, time to saw down the gridlock mast
Replaced by a jurymast of bipartisanship so the reef of anemic growth we can sail past
The nation and the art of the deal master
Unless the RINOs sign on are courting disaster
A small step forward to with Blue help forge a Harvey and debt ceiling deal
Only three months but given Ryan’s comments before the vote, the division among Reds revealed
Time for Trump to reach out big time to the people and seek their help to against the House and Senate rail
To in no uncertain terms let them know their dire consequences if the Trump agenda does not prevail
Discard the 140 word tweet and get on TV either on the road
Holding back nothing in a campaign but constructive mode
Or from the Oval Office to in powerful and simple speeches the rationale for his agenda explain
Why it is needed and why if passed prosperity, job growth, and security and safety will reign
Enough of the fake news attacks which numb the senses and are overkill
More on why the agenda will cure our nation’s economic ills
Trump wants to put the nation first not the Reds especially RINOs more seats award
Anyone Red or Blue standing in his way will see a permanent one way ticket from the Swamp as a reward
 © September 9, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                         
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