Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time to Prosecute Comey?

Something is very rotten at the upper levels of the FBI
The Senate’s demand to question top staffers it defies
The excuse that a Senate inquiry would interfere with Mueller’s expanding witch hunt
Seems lame and looks more like a typical cover up slow walk stunt
The Congress is a an equal branch of government despite its low approval rating
The DOJ’s refusal is to the Congress and the American people very frustrating
It is beginning to look like Comey perjured himself before Congress
He testified that on Clinton he had not made up his mind before interviewing her he solemnly stressed
We now know that weeks before she appeared Comey was drafting a memo to her exonerate
That the FBI “investigation” was a total sham is a fact that should be subject to no further debate
The Swamp is not being drained at the DOJ rather the rancid waters continue to rise
A once proud agency with integrity choking on Obama holdovers is sliding into its demise
While Mueller’s investigation is like a cancer unchecked growing rapidly in size
That the Trump agenda faces tough sledding with his distractions should come as no surprise
Sessions rightly or wrongly recused himself from the delusion of the Russian collusion
Why should he recluse himself from Comey’s apparent before Congress abusions?
The DOJ on the issue of real obstruction of justice by Lynch and Obama is rudderless and MIA
And will remain so as long as Sessions remains recused and Obama holdovers remain in authority on display
As for Mueller’s investigation it is time to pull the plug and this witch hunt end
Set up by Comey who engineered Mueller’s appointment so he could on Comey’s firing avenge his friend
September 13,  2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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