Monday, September 4, 2017

Link Wall to DACA to Break Gridlock

Harvey has given us a rare chance to for the common good come together
A 1000 year flood that may give us the chance to break the gridlock tether
Trump had raised concerns that if he did not get his wall he might the government shut down
With 180+ billion in rebuilding needs that position may not be sound
Trump wants to build his wall, the foundation of his campaign
With DACA on the table a chance to pull a compromise out of a hat filled with rain
Politics is supposed to be a game of not life and death but win/win
Give a little, get a little and toss the extreme positions into the trash bin
No longer as the mantra has become to fight til the last filibuster and delay
Everything and anything to insure an opponent’s bill never, ever sees the light of day
Trump wants his wall to make this country from illegal drugs and aliens secure
Blues want DACA members to stay on a path to citizenship so the Hispanic vote will be insured
Let Trump build his wall in exchange for allowing DACA members to here remain
Permanent residents with all rights as citizens other than voting they would retain
All those social security contributions they have been making would on retirement be return
A life time of contributions followed on retirement with benefits that they have rightfully earned
Their sons and daughters born here will be citizens with all voting rights
Time solves the problem and if we have a border secured immigration reform is well in sight
 © September 4, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                         
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