Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Coming Financial Cat 5 Hurricane

In terms of massive injury and loss of life we dodged Harvey’s and Irma’s one two punch
But in terms of financial damage Mother Nature ate our lunch
The amount of damage and the costs to repair are still adding up
But it is sure to be close to 400 billion dollars that today will not us bankrupt
But as Harvey and Irma have finally left our land and shores
There is another hurricane on the horizon that we cannot afford to ignore
Not Josie which like Harvey and Irma is of the weather related kind
And most likely Bermuda will be the only land it will find
No this hurricane is more deadly and more dangerous and will be almost impossible to survive
A financial equivalent much, much stronger than a physical Cat 5
A 20 trillion dollar national debt hurricane with no eye, no respite,  no pause
Wiping out discretionary spending with entitlement growths to shock and awe
No money for defense, no money to hurricane damage rebuild and recover
All due to years of our “leaders” the needs of a balanced budget failing to discover
We will be in less than 10 or 20 years make Greece look like the frugal Swiss
As we sink further and further into certain bankruptcy abyss
Unlike a physical hurricane coming on land does not its strength diminish
Continues fueled by red ink at growing strength to its end of prosperity finish
Be you a Bush, Trump or Obama
Peas in a pod ignoring the red ink increase drama
Hobbled by Obama’s anemic growth never getting close to two percent
Looking back at fraud, waste, abuse, duplication as trillions were unwisely spent
The feds are too large and the trough of federal dollars too big
Corruption thrives yet few if any of the pigs land in a federal brig
Blues and Reds both without any fiscal backbone or spine
When will they realize we as a nation mired in growing debt are running out of time?  
September 16,2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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