Friday, September 29, 2017

Theology and "Sugar, Sugar

On a day when the Archies with a number one song was to play
A theology masters student was to her retinal skills to display
“Su g a r ,  s u g ar"    w a  s   t  h e number one song of that day
 Sun was setting and into her eyes nothing but blinding rays
Mere mortals into the cosmos of mystery cannot see
Not so the faithful and the students of theology
Divine power to in the brightest if light to the screen images devine
For the humans in need of salvation there never is enough time
Starbucks may not be the Mecca or the Sermon on the Mount
But an oasis of caffeine from the ills of the world we can as heroes mount
Seattle rain the sun of Newport Beach can rinse away
No wonder the non 49’ers want to stay
A Candace not a Candy just like not a Chris but a Christene
In your studies on a computer thanks for enhancing the Newport Beach scene        © September 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                      

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