Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tax Cuts And The Nancy And Chuck Hypocrisy Show

Save for the thugs of Antifa and the far left class warfare most Americans reject
That’s why when Schumer and Pelosi open their mouths on tax cuts we feel a growing keck
Schumer the infamous obstructionist on the Trump agenda naysayer
Oozing hypocrisy claiming he wants to be with the Reds a tax cut ballplayer
He has not and will not be a ballplayer only a bald player of the card of class warfare
Other than soak the rich his economic prosperity cupboards of ideas totally bare
Pelosi who never met a tax increase she didn’t like
Piously before the camera piously into the mike
We can’t support a tax cut if the deficit it will hike
Reality of Obama’s ten trillion is the reality not her sound bite
Kennedy and Reagan did not down into class warfare get bogged
Did not get lost in the divisive class warfare chilling fog
If we are to stimulate the economy and get it forever out of the Obama 2% growth rate ditch
Everyone should get an inverse progressive tax cut, even the left despised super rich
Highest percent reduction to the lowest income much smaller at the top
Fail to pass Trump’s tax cut and the economic growth we need becomes a complete flop
Trump needs to put down his tweet and put on his marketing hat
Take his case to the people on why Schumer’s and Pelosi’s obstruction will pin recovery to the mat
Simple message our tax system in the world of job growth and retention is making it impossible to compete
Do you want a chance for prosperity for all or follow Schumer and Pelosi and toss the towel in defeat?
Pierce the hypocrisy of those two “fighting in the interest of the nation” to the Trump agenda defeat
And what you see so clearly is all they care about is to return to Majority Leader’s and Speaker of the House’s seat!
September 30, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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